It’s Pothole Season

We’ve all done it; you really can’t avoid it and not risk getting hit by oncoming traffic — hitting the dreaded pothole. Whether it’s the instant damage of a punctured tire or bent rim, or the cumulative effects of daily pothole abuse, hitting a pothole is a bad feeling. Today’s cars don’t help with the pothole problem either. We love the look and feel, but low-profile tires and tight suspensions make vehicles more susceptible to pothole damage and, unless you have an older car, your rims are probably alloy rims and they can’t withstand as much force as older steel rims.

What to do? Well, you can stay home, get your friend to drive you everywhere in her/his car, or try to keep some of the these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your tires are at the correct tire pressure
  • Slow down. Hitting a pothole at high speed increases the chance of damage to tires, wheels, shocks, struts, or springs
  • Don’t brake when directly over a pothole. Applying the brakes causes the car’s weight to shift to the front of the wheel and can increase damage from the impact
  • Beware of water that may be concealing a deep pothole

If you’ve hit a big pothole, take time to inspect your rims and the tires. Look for signs of bulging sidewalls or loss of tire pressure. Also, pay attention for new noises or bad handling your car may have from the cumulative effects of hitting potholes. We recommend an alignment and/or wheel balancing for anyone who feels their car has been the victim of daily pothole encounters.

Call us right away if you think you have any damage from pothole abuse — 781.642.7766. We can fix anything and have some discounts on alignment and wheel balancing to help you out.

About Little Foreign Car Garage

Little Foreign Car Garage was established in 1972 and specializes in automotive repair, sales, and restoration. Our family-owned business provides the Boston area automobile owner a unique, full-service, customer oriented brand of car care. Our focus on quality and our desire to build a relationship with our clientele has allowed us to create an environment that fosters trust and confidence. We are one of the few authorized Boston-area Bosch Service Centers, giving us unique access to technical information and specialty Bosch equipment. Our highly-trained and experienced staff has over 180 years of servicing foreign and domestic automobiles. We are also the preferred installer in our area for Tire Rack, for mounting and balancing tires, straightening rims and aligning your car back to factory specifications as well as custom and race car alignments. Our unique engineering, fabrication, and race background allows us to handle any job no matter how small or difficult. All off, all of our work is backed up by an industry-leading 2-year warranty on all parts and labor! LFCG Racing has won many races and championships over the years and currently is a 3-time North Atlantic Road Racing Champion for 2008, 2009, and 2010. We are now gearing up to enter the 2011 racing season.
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